Wheaties Is Making (Non-Cereal Flavored) Beer

HefeWheaties_4packWheaties: The Beer Of Champions? That could very well be a slogan you hear soon, as General Mills announced today that it’s getting into the beer game with a craft beer it’s calling HefeWheaties.

The new limited-edition Hefeweizen beer is the result of a partnership between Wheaties and Minnesota-based craft brewer Fulton, General Mills announced in a blog post.

But have no fear beer lovers, Wheaties cereal isn’t actually in the new beverage — though of course, plain old wheat
is a very important ingredient in Hefeweizen-style beer, which is brewed with over 50% malted wheat.

“We were intrigued from the get-go on this idea for many reasons, including that we’re both Minneapolis companies, and that the beer and the cereal both started from the same place in terms of raw ingredients and the same city,” Ryan Petz, president and co-founder of Fulton said in the blog post.

The name for the new beverage was also a perfect fit, according to companies.

“We had been sampling a number of Hefeweizens, so we had been discussing with the Wheaties team what we liked,” says Petz. “Someone on the team said HefeWheaties, and it kind of sprung out from there.”

HefeWheaties is the brainchild of employees of Fulton and General Mills, who just so happen to be friends outside of work.

Wheaties social media account manager Tony Libera chatted about the possibility of a partnership for the brand with a friend who handles sales for Fulton.

The plans quickly turned into a beautiful, sudsy relationship from there, the companies say.

HefeWheaties will be sold in four-packs and 16-ounce tallboy cans starting on Aug. 26. Unfortunately, if you want to score a taste of the beer, you’ll have to make a special trip to the Twin Cities, as the company has no plans to make the beverage available outside of Minnesota.

Fulton will also host several special events featuring HefeWheaties.

“We’ll see how people react to it,” says Petz. “If it’s something everybody loves, we’ll obviously consider doing it again in a bigger and more widely distributed way in the future.”

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