Truckloads Of Blue Bell Ice Cream Heading To Stores

Stay strong, Americans in southern states: it might be almost the end of summer, but your frozen dessert salvation may be soon at hand. The Blue Bell ice cream plant in Sylacauga, Alabama, which was never officially linked to any cases of listeriosis, began producing test batches in July and gained approval to distribute their products last week.

What they haven’t revealed yet is which retailers those trucks are headed for, probably to avoid ice cream-crazed mobs descending on them while waving giant spoons. The company also hasn’t announced which flavors were part of the early batches, but a health official in Alabama told a local news outlet that flavors that were part of the test were only “homemade vanilla” and Dutch chocolate.

Blue Bell products have been of the market since a recall began in March. Ten people were hospitalized and three died due to listeriosis traced to Blue Bell products, and its other manufacturing facilities remain closed for now.

Blue Bell: Trucks on the road again [WFAA]

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