Another Armored Truck Opens On Highway, Causes Cash Blizzard



It might seem like a miracle if you’re driving down the highway and find yourself in a blizzard of cash. Tempting as it might be, it is not legal for you to scoop up money and keep it for yourself, and you’ll get in trouble if authorities are able to track you down. After this happened just last week in Maryland, it has happened again in South Carolina.

If we didn’t know better, we would wonder whether the same truck was involved in both incidents, but the armored truck in Baltimore was from Brinks, while a Loomis armored truck was the source of the South Carolina blizzard. Maybe there’s just a very small epidemic of poorly locked armored trucks out there.

“God as my witness … I drove through a cloud of cash money… It was like a scene from a movie,” TV station WYFF quotes a tipster who wrote to the station yesterday morning.

As usually happens in cases like this, the rules of “finders keepers” do not apply, and police are asking motorists who may have scooped up money from the roadside to turn it in to police.

Driver: ‘I drove through a cloud of cash’ on Interstate 85

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