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Sick Of Being Robbed, Coffee Shop Goes Cash-Free

There are plenty of restaurants and businesses that refuse to accept anything other than cash, but one Baltimore coffee shop is swinging the other direction after getting robbed one too many times. [More]


Seeking Sweetgreen Salad? Don’t Bother Bringing Cash.

If you’re looking for a swanky, sustainably-sourced salad for lunch… don’t bother bringing your wallet. Sweetgreen doesn’t want your money, at least not the paper kind; it prefers you pay digitally. Period. [More]

Another Armored Truck Opens On Highway, Causes Cash Blizzard

Another Armored Truck Opens On Highway, Causes Cash Blizzard

It might seem like a miracle if you’re driving down the highway and find yourself in a blizzard of cash. Tempting as it might be, it is not legal for you to scoop up money and keep it for yourself, and you’ll get in trouble if authorities are able to track you down. After this happened just last week in Maryland, it has happened again in South Carolina. [More]


YouTube’s Subscription Service Kicks Off With Sesame Street, Ultimate Fighting Channels

You’ve watched every single Maru video on YouTube, guffawed countless times at the “hide your kids” guy and every time your friend sends you a link you’re all, “Saw that already.” But will you pay YouTube to watch streaming Internet content? Google is sure hoping so, opening the doors to its paid subscription service yesterday with 30 content creators including The Jim Henson Co. and Ultimate Fighting Championship. [More]

Coming Soon To A Billfold Near You: New $100 Bills

Coming Soon To A Billfold Near You: New $100 Bills

Attention currency fans, and fans of images that shift as you move them! New $100 dollar bills with exciting counterfeiting-proof features are coming soon from the Federal Reserve. The good news is that they probably will not melt, but they look a little different from bills currently circulating. [More]


You Must Pay Your T-Mobile Bill In Person, In Cash, Forever

If I’ve learned anything from reading readers’ letters, it’s that I should never get divorced. Or married. Or die. All of these seemingly routine life changes confuse companies so badly that you’d think they had never happened before. But Jake, a longtime T-Mobile customer, has been cast into a special consumer hell after his divorce. His ex canceled the credit card he had used to set up automatic payments, and reversed his payments to the phone company. So they charge him the balance on his next bill, he pays it, and all is well, right? I mean, he’s a 7-year customer with no late payments. It’s not like he’s a credit risk or anything. Except….he is now. And he has to pay his T-Mobile bills in cash, in person, for the remainder of his contract. [More]