Postal Worker Accused Of Delivering 22,000 Pieces Of Mail Straight To His Garage

Tempting though it may be for a postal worker to swipe any of the millions of pieces of mail flying around the country, most refrain, and our packages and letters get where they’re supposed to go. But every once in a while, we have the misfortune to hear about a mail carrier gone rogue. Like a Philadelphia postal worker who authorities say squirreled away tens of thousands of pieces of mail.

Officials say a 48-year-old mail carrier didn’t deliver more than 22,000 letters and packages between May 2014 and January of this year, reports CBS Philadelphia.

Instead, authorities say they found all that mail stashed in trash bags in his car and his garage.

The mail in his haul contained about 7,100 first class letters, 200 certified letters, 11,700 standard letters, five treasury checks, hundreds of pieces of political mail and more than 2,500 non-profit letters.

If convicted of obstructing the mail, he could get up to six months in jail and face a fine. He’ll also join a long list of USPS workers with sticky fingers we’ve heard about in the past. Some of them stole for money (even charities aren’t safe), Netflix DVDs or drugs — whether illicit or prescription. Heck, some even stole from children. Others simply got bored. It’s not just mail carriers either — a postal inspector was once in hot water for stealing passports, pills and Playboy magazines from packages.

Philadelphia Postal Worker Charged With Obstruction Of Over 22,000 Pieces Of Mail [CBS Philadelphia]

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