Another Postal Worker Caught Stealing Netflix DVDs

It’s been over five years since we first wrote about postal workers being busted for detouring Netflix DVDs into their own private stashes, and yet there are apparently still some USPS staffers out there who think they can steal more than 100 DVDs and not have it set off alarm bells.

The latest postal worker to be caught red-envelope-handed has been charged by authorities in Missouri of heisting 120 Netflix DVDs, $215 in gift cards, along with oodles of other pieces of mail that never reached their destination.

According to the Kansas City Star a search of the man’s home found, in addition to the purloined goods mentioned above, “80 opened envelopes and two trash bags containing more than 400 pieces of mail.”

The man was caught after Netflix caught onto the fact that a lot of DVDs were going missing in a small group of ZIP. The company notified the authorities, who eventually tracked down the postal worker.

Fortunately, there will soon be an end to all theft of Netflix DVDs… but only because the company is changing the name of its DVD service to Qwikster.

Former postal worker is charged with stealing Netflix videos, gift cards [Kansas City Star via Hacking Netflix]

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