8 U.S. Postal Workers Accused Of Swiping Packages Filled With Pot

While the sight of hundreds of packages filled with mystery goods going past you day by day might eventually prove too strong of a temptation, the job of a U.S. Postal worker depends on not pilfering those boxes and bags destined for others. That’s why eight USPS workers at a Long Island mail processing center have been arrested for allegedly stealing packages crammed full with marijuana.

And yes, you’re right — it’s illegal to mail marijuana, from California where it’s legal medically, or from anywhere, so maybe they thought no one would go asking questions about it?

Investigators say the eight accused figured out that the illicit packages were likely filled with pot based on the fact that they originated in California and were oddly shaped, reports the New York Daily News.

It all started when three empty Priority Mail packages were discovered in the backyard of an abandoned house nearby. A drug-sniffing police dog confirmed suspicions that that wacky smell was indeed, marijuana.

As it turns out, the packages had been sorted and processed at the facility nearby, where surveillance footage showed one worker sneaking out a fire escape door carrying three large packages that looked an awful lot like the pot packages found in the backyard.

Officials reviewed months of the facility’s tape and found the worker and his accused co-conspirators had allegedly stolen a whopping 263 packages believed to contain drugs. They then would put new address labels on them so they could be delivered elsewhere for the drugs to be sold, authorities say.

“Abusing their positions of trust as postal employees, the defendants allegedly stole hundreds of packages to further their drug dealing efforts,” said Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch.

When feds executed some search warrants, they found 129 pounds of pot with a value of around $930,000 in a dozen re-labeled packages. Eight workers have since been charged with theft of mail and drug conspiracy. Because it’s still stealing the mail, even if what’s in the mail shouldn’t be there in the first place.

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