USPS Worker Allegedly Swiped 2,000 Pieces Of Mail Out Of Sheer Boredom

Eating all the candy out of the glass jar on your desk. Spilling hot coffee on your computer while trying to beat your personal solitaire record. There are bad things you can do out of boredom at work, but one U.S. Postal Service worker admits she turned to taking as many as 2,000 pieces of mail she was supposed to deliver just to have something to do.

Federal authorities say the Detroit-area employee accused of swiping the cash from gift cards and such in the mail and dumping the leftovers admitted she started stealing last spring, reports the Associated Press.

She was charged yesterday with stealing mail while working at a mail processing center, after someone found mail along the interstate in October and brought it to a local postmaster.

Then a few weeks ago, authorities found 800 pieces of meal in the worker’s trash, and three mroe bags inside a closet. She said she kept about $1,000 to $1,500 in mail money, officials reported.

When they asked her why she’d do such a thing, besides the obvious lure of “free” cash, she told them she didn’t have any financial problems.

“I was bored,” she explained.

I did the eating-all-the-candy-out-of-the-office jar thing when I was bored at one job. No one even yelled at me, it was great.

US: Postal worker says she stole out of boredom [Associated Press]

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