Family Spends Evening Trapped Inside Car Dealership, Escapes Using Electric Saw

Image courtesy of (Fox Boston)

A family in Massachusetts recently had what was arguably one of their most exciting Friday nights out as a family, when they managed to get themselves locked inside the Chevy dealership where they were car-shopping. The employees had locked up for the night, apparently not noticing the family there. They called for help and none arrived, so they borrowed a saw and cut through the lock.

The family themselves were able to leave the dealership: technically, only their car was stuck inside. They had arrived just as the place was closing, and apparently everyone was in a hurry to close. The employees had locked the gates, and the security guard who was supposed to work that night didn’t report for duty.

They called the police, who in turn called the manager of the dealership at home, who promised to be there in twenty minutes every twenty minutes or so. The family was ultimately stuck inside for more than three hours.

At least they found things to keep themselves entertained for a while: the parents and three kids, ages 8, 12, and 13, played soccer with a cardboard box, checked out the interiors of any cars that were open, sang, and of course took pictures of their adventure and posted to Facebook.

“It was great for the first hour. After that, it was annoying,” the mother told local TV news.

After three hours, they borrowed that saw from a construction worker staying at a hotel next door to the dealership, using it to cut the lock and free their car. Naturally, that was when the late-shift security guard finally showed up.

The family jokingly recommends bolt cutters and maybe a picnic dinner to anyone else who wants to try visiting a car dealership shortly before it closes.

Local family saws their way out of locked car dealership [Fox Boston] (via Jalopnik)

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