This Glorious ’80s Time Capsule House Is Real, In Living Primary Colors

exteriorIn the suburbs of Buffalo, New York, there is a house that until recently was for sale. From the front and from the back, the exterior looks like any ordinary upscale house built in the late ’80s. Inside, however, it looks like the sets from “Saved by the Bell” collided with sets from “The Golden Girls,” then somehow became attached to a mall food court from 1988. Then nothing ever changed.

Here’s a preview of the house’s real estate slideshow: we really recommend scrolling through the entire thing to understand what makes the home so special. Despite what the listing says, the house has been sold. Presumably, that includes the beautiful pillars highlighted with neon lights.




Why does the house look like this? Has it sat untouched since it was last sold in 1993? Did they simply re-use the photos taken for that listing in 1993? “This is elaborate cosplay of the ’80s sitcom Silver Spoons,” one of my friends suggested when I shared the listing on Facebook. Maybe. Others speculated that it was a film set, or intentionally redecorated that way for sale.

We checked with the realtor, who told us that the house was not staged or used as a film set. The décor was put there by the real people who really lived there. If the geometric wall sculptures or those amazing kitchen chairs interest you, they will be selling the art and furniture in a house sale later this summer.

However, we aren’t real estate agents or home decorators: we’re children of the ’80s and ’90s. We kept picturing our favorite television characters from the era in every room of the house. There was only one way we knew to show our appreciation for this house, and Boss Meg set to work making all of our visions into a digital reality.





Friend of the site Anna sent in these lovely examples, too:





Original Listing [] (Thanks to Peter for passing on the link)

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