The Next iPhone Update Could Include A Photo Folder Just For Your Selfies

At first, nothing seems amiss. You’re scrolling calmly through the photos on your iPhone, looking for that particular duckface shot you took of yourself at that fancy bathroom on vacation last year, the one that makes you look more like Beyoncé than you could ever hope. But then the panic starts to creep in… where is it? Where did it go?! How can you post a throwback Thursday (#tbt) photo without it?!?! Relax, guys. Soon, you’ll likely never have to worry about where your favorite selfies are, because they’ll all be in the same place.

Reports from those playing around with iOS9 beta ahead of the update’s scheduled release this fall say Apple has included a “Selfies” folder in Photos, as well as a dedicated category for screenshots.

AppleInsider notes that it seems the Selfies folder pulls in any photos taking with the iPhone’s front-facing camera, but it doesn’t seem like iOS is using any complicated computer vision algorithms to detect actual faces.

Both of these new folders may end up in the final iOS 9 update in the fall, or heck, they might get the ax before then. We can only wait, and hope that there will be a day in the future where no awkward bathroom selfie is left behind on Throwback Thursday.

Latest iOS 9 beta includes separate Photos folders for selfies, screenshots [Apple Insider]

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