iOS 9


Reminder: Your iPhone’s WiFi Assist May Get You Data Overage Charges Galore

If you need a reminder to turn off the WiFi assist feature included in iOS 9, now’s the time, after yet another report of folks getting hit with data overages because they weren’t aware of what their phones were doing without their knowledge. [More]


AT&T Doesn’t Think Other Carriers Should Enable iPhone WiFi Calling, Either

A few weeks ago, we shared the news that AT&T was delaying adoption of the WiFi calling feature in the new version of Apple’s operating system for mobile devices. The carrier said that it was awaiting FCC approval of the feature, which other carriers have enabled already. Now AT&T has tattled to the FCC on those other carriers, pointing out that they should be waiting for approval too. [More]

AT&T Delays Launch Of WiFi Calling Feature For iPhones

AT&T Delays Launch Of WiFi Calling Feature For iPhones

AT&T customers who were anticipating the launch of a WiFi calling feature on iPhones will have to wait a bit longer: though the carrier had expected to roll out the option to iPhone users with the recently released iOS 9, it now says it’s going to take a little more time to deploy it, while it waits on approval from the Federal Communications Commission. [More]


The Next iPhone Update Could Include A Photo Folder Just For Your Selfies

At first, nothing seems amiss. You’re scrolling calmly through the photos on your iPhone, looking for that particular duckface shot you took of yourself at that fancy bathroom on vacation last year, the one that makes you look more like Beyoncé than you could ever hope. But then the panic starts to creep in… where is it? Where did it go?! How can you post a throwback Thursday (#tbt) photo without it?!?! Relax, guys. Soon, you’ll likely never have to worry about where your favorite selfies are, because they’ll all be in the same place. [More]