Apple Will Finally Let iOS Users Delete Some Of Those “Junk Drawer” Apps

As it was foretold, so it has apparently come to pass: with the upcoming release of its new iOS 10, Apple will finally let people delete some of those default apps they never use, you know, the ones in your “Crap I Don’t Use” folder.

We first had an inkling this might happen last fall, when Apple CEO Tim Cook explained that there were just some apps that can’t be deleted from iPhones and iPads, because doing so could seriously mess with the running of those devices.

Cook conceded back then that there are other apps that aren’t like that, and it looks like some of those are on the list of apps that you’ll be able to uninstall in the future.

Though the company didn’t formally announce the change during Monday’s World Wide Developers’ Conference, folks started to notice that “native” apps are showing up as downloads in the AppStore, including Stocks, Mail, Maps, Notes, Voice Memos, Watch, Music, FaceTime, Weather, iTunes Store, Calendar, and Contacts, The Verge notes. They weren’t there before, because you didn’t have to download them, ever — they were just always on your phone, and always would be.

In addition, people running the beta version of iOS 10 found that holding your finger down on one of those apps renders it jiggly, and a little “X” appears in the right-hand corner of the icon to delete:

Finally, an end to the junk drawer — unless you decide to re-download them later, of course.

Apps like Phone and Camera will remain, it seems, as they’re likely on that list of non-removables that are too interconnected with the system to be uninstalled.

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