Woman Wins $1M Twice With Scratch-off Tickets Purchased From Same Store, 19 Years Apart

Some people are lucky enough to win a million dollars in their lifetime, and others are freakishly fortunate enough to win that much money twice: a Massachusetts woman pulled off quite a feat recently by winning the $1 million prize on a scratch-off ticket, 19 years after her first $1 million win.

Becoming a big winner overnight is now old hat for the woman, who became the 26th $1 million prize winner of the “$10,000,000 Diamond Millionaire” instant game after buying a scratch ticket from her local Stop & Shop, according to the Massachusetts State Lottery (via the Boston Globe). She’s taking home her money in a one-time payment of $650,000.

Back in August 1996, she visited that same Stop & Shop location and ended up winning a $1 million prize, again, on a scratch ticket, a lottery spokesman explained.

Her luck doesn’t stop there: she also won a $20,000 prize on a ticket from — you guessed it — the same store.

She’s planning on using this year’s prize on her family this Christmas. Here’s to hoping she buys them all scratch tickets from Stop & Shop, because obviously, luck is contagious.

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