Pizza Hut New Zealand Redeems Itself With Crusts Stuffed With Chili Dogs

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 2.12.27 PMPeople all over the world were horrified but also intrigued to learn that in New Zealand, Pizza Hut offers a crust stuffed with cheese (good) and Marmite, a yeast-based paste (ew). Fortunately, the chain’s Kiwi outposts have redeemed themselves with a new offering: the Chilli Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza. Better yet: those hot dogs are actually cheese dogs.

The crust stuffed with hot dogs is nothing new, having already hit the U.K. and Australia. Yes, inside the crust are hot dogs with flecks of cheese mixed in, then covered with chili sauce (spelled “chilli” there for some reason). No, not sriracha: the sauce is like the tomato-based broth of chili the stew. In a pizza crust. Yeah, we don’t know.

You can also add your own ketchup and mustard to the crust to go along with the hot dogs.

Around the World: Pizza Hut New Zealand – New Chili Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza [Brand Eating]

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