Tests Of Kale In McDonald’s Restaurants Are Really Happening

will_be_kaleA few months ago, we shared the news that McDonald’s might be offering breakfast bowls that include the dark leafy vegetable kale. That was news not only because kale and McDonald’s seem like a weird fit, but also because the chain specifically made fun of kale in a commercial from just a few months ago.

Well, to be fair, what they really said is that kale will never taste like a Big Mac, which is true. (Some people would call that a selling point for kale.) That commercial is no longer available to the public on YouTube, but you can see it here:

Meanwhile, Reuters confirms that nine restaurants in southern California are testing McDonald’s new breakfast offering: bowls comprised of turkey sausage, egg white, kale, and spinach, or eggs and chorizo. They’ll cost about $4, and will appear on the nationwide menu if they’re successful. When the chain is trying to pare down its menu to placate franchisees and make its offerings easier for customers to understand, though, what breakfast items will be removed so the bowls can take their place?

Up in Canada, there’s a report that McDonald’s may start selling three kale-based salads. If true, that fits with the breakfast bowl idea and with the chain’s overall attempt to sell food that seems healthier and less processed.

McDonald’s Southern California restaurants testing kale [Reuters]

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