Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Can’t Find Their Way Back From 2007

Members of the Raiders of the Lost Walmart, our brave band of retail archaeologists, need a GPS unit to help them find their way from one big-box store to the next. However, the savvy big-box store explorers know that while this rare and ancient Garmin unit is a special find, they shouldn’t purchase it. Because it’s old and overpriced.

The best way to capture retail antiquities is by snapping a digital picture and sending it to Consumerist. That’s what novice Raider Michael did when he saw this unit in a Northeastern Walmart.


The date on the price sticker is from this February. That means that less than six months ago, Walmart’s systems looked at this GPS unit, which was introduced in 2007, and thought that knocking $18.88 off the top was an acceptable clearance price.

“It’s so old even took down the link to there original review,” Michael pointed out to us in his field research notes.

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