Raiders Of The Lost Kmart Not Sure What Color This Game Boy Advance Used To Be

gbaRecently, Reddit user Pwnapanda wandered into a local Kmart* store, stumbling on a fantastic piece of ancient technology. There was a demonstration-model Game Boy Advance beckoning shoppers to play…if they don’t mind the decade’s worth of grime on the device. Or whatever it is that makes this thing look so vile.

Pwnapanda posted the photograph on Reddit, not realizing that he is, at heart, a member of the Raiders of the Lost Walmart, Consumerist’s band of brave explorers who find archaic electronics everywhere and laugh at them.

On Reddit, the picture set off a lively debate. No, not about exactly why Kmart is so terrible, though there was a discussion about that too. The important question was this: what color was this GBA originally?

Maybe it was white or clear, but its current condition makes that too horrible to contemplate. Commenters’ best guess was that it started out as the translucent orange color called “Spice.”


The real mystery is why this was still mounted to the display, since the Game Boy Advance was officially discontinued back in 2009. That doesn’t rule out a few still sitting on the shelves at Kmart at close to full price, but seeing what could be a decade-old game on the shelf and no one cares at all is so, so sad.

The important question: does the demo unit still work? Not really. “Got 30 seconds into ‘Mario vs Donkey Kong’ and then it died,” reports our intprepid retail archaeologist.

*(And yes, we’re aware that this is a Kmart, not a Walmart. In case you’re new here, Raiders of the Lost Walmart are on the lookout anywhere where there are impossibly old things for sale at ridiculously high prices.)

Decided to venture into the local Kmart. Wasn’t expecting to step back in time. [Reddit]

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