Sears Says Clothing Brand Breakup With Kardashians Was Mutual

Earlier this week, we sort of paid attention to celebrity news when we heard that the famous Kardashian sisters were ending their clothing line partnership with Sears because they didn’t want to be associated with the brand. That’s not so, Sears representatives said today: their split with the reality television stars was mutual.

Gossip site TMZ’s mysterious “Kardashian sources” told them that the family dumped Sears even though the deal was profitable, since they weren’t sure about the company’s future prospects. This source said that they’ve found another retail partner, so shoppers won’t have to suffer long without a Kollection of clothes that are allegedly Khloe- and Kim-endorsed.

Sears’ version of the breakup is that the parting is mutual, after $600 million in sales since 2011. Sears plans to concentrate more on its own brands, which will be more responsive to trends and reality-star-free.

Sears Says Its Split With Kardashians Was Part of Fashion Shift [Bloomberg News]

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