Get A Free Folded Biscuit At Taco Bell This Morning Until 11

Image courtesy of Get one of these for free, if that's what you're into.

Get one of these for free, if that's what you're into.

Get one of these for free, if that’s what you’re into.

If you fold a round and flat food item in half and put more food inside, as far as Taco Bell is concerned, that’s a taco. Today, they’re advertising their new breakfast menu by giving away free … see, I still can’t bring myself to call that thing a taco, but you can get a free biscuit folded in half with some breakfast stuff in it.

The folded biscuit is a new item nationwide, replacing its first attempt at an original breakfast food, the folded waffle. It’s part of Taco Bell’s push to compete with the breakfast sandwich offerings of other fast-food outlets. They call this campaign “breakfast defectors,” which does have the advantage of making a lot more sense than last decade’s meal invention, “Fourthmeal.”

The giveaway happens to fall on May 5th, which is a regional holiday in Mexico that somehow has become a day to celebrate crude Mexican caricatures and drink tequila in this country. Taco Bell’s advertising for this event focuses more on breakfast and on their “defector” concept than on Cinco de Mayo, which is just as well.

Guess what? Biscuit Tacos are free tomorrow from 7-11AM. You’re welcome [Taco Bell]

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