Is The “Waffle Taco” Really A Taco, Or Just A Folded Waffle With Stuff In It?

Earlier this week, Taco Bell did what it does best — got attention from hungry Internet users — when it was confirmed that the fast food chain was testing a Waffle Taco in California. But one intrepid reporter tried the experimental eats and is now questioning the entire idea what it means to be a taco.

In the above video, Buzzfeed’s Erin La Rosa trekked to a Taco Bell selling the Waffle Taco to find that — unlike the Doritos tacos, which required years of research and out-of-the-box thinking to create a shell that tastes like a Dorito chip but holds like a Taco Bell shell — the Waffle “shell” is really just a folded waffle.

So in theory, one could just take a standard waffle, and turn it into a taco without going to Taco Bell.

More importantly, this got La Rosa wondering what other food items could be considered a “taco” just by folding them.

She attempted to make a “pizza taco” by folding a pizza on some hamburgers, chicken nuggets, and nachos. Regardless of how it might taste, it proved too large.

Then there is the Fruit Roll-Up Taco, containing Jolly Ranchers and Froot Loops in a soft roll-up “shell.” This proved to be too sticky.

The Green Leaf Taco takes things to a ridiculous conclusion, stuffing a leaf with rocks, twigs and grass. We’re guessing they didn’t try eating this inedible delight.

Check out the above video for even more questionable “taco” experiments.

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