Survey Confirms What Your Nose Already Knows: Bringing Smelly Food On Airplanes Is Annoying

There it is, that rumble, low and deep in your stomach that tells you you’re not gonna make it through this flight with just a paltry bag of peanuts to stay the beast of hunger. But unless you’re Sir Patrick Stewart, bringing a smelly tuna sub or other fragrant food onboard is going to tick off your fellow passengers. A new survey confirms just that, showing how widespread our abhorrence of stinky plane food really is.

In a survey of 248 respondents from GO Airport Express (via Mashable), 48% of people said it’s rude to bring food with strong odors on planes, with an additional 12% going so far as to say airlines should put a ban on the stink.

That likely won’t happen, especially because most airlines don’t offer complimentary meals and snack offerings are often limited to a teensy bag of pretzels or nuts.

There are apparently some stronger noses out there than others, however, as 31% of people said they had no opinion about smelly food, and 9% said people should bring any kind of food on the plane they want. Those people were likely cradling a tuna sub while they said it, extra onions, extra tuna smell.

Women’s nostrils flare more in malodorous anger than me, with 52% of females saying stinky food is rude, compared to 43% of men. Men were more in favor of banning strong smelling food, however, at 18% compared to women’s 6%.

“People should be considerate of other passengers, especially as planes reduce personal space and the number of flights offered which means fuller planes,” said GO Airport Express president John McCarthy.

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