Family Finds Their Vacation Home Has Been Swiped Right Off Its Foundation

UPDATE: Authorities say they’ve found the missing cabin, and believe that whoever took it was living inside.

According to the Associated Press, the vacation home that went missing in Washington has been recovered. Deputies following a tip found the cabin this morning about 10 miles from its original location, on stilts at the end of a private road.

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Imagine counting down the days, hours and minutes to vacation, that time where you can just relax and get away from it all… only to find your vacation home has somehow gotten away from you instead. That’s the unfortunate sight that greeted one Washington family who arrived at their cabin in the woods — or where it was supposed to be — and discovered someone had swiped it clean off its foundation.

The family arrived on Tuesday and found that their entire 200 square-foot vacation home had been lifted from the foundation, with just cement blocks remaining, reports KHQ News.

“We walked up to the gate and it had been cut. Drove up to (the cabin) expecting it to maybe be broken windows, maybe a little vandalism, something stolen from the front of it,” the owner told the station. “We walked up and it was gone.”

Whoever yanked the $7,000 home from the family’s 20 acres apparently knew what they were doing, he says. The family reported to theft to the county sheriff’s office.

“It’s frustrating when you work as hard as you do and get things you enjoy to have,” she said, “and someone comes in and steals it from you.”

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first story we’ve heard about someone stealing a cabin without anyone noticing.

Cabin Caper: Family has their cabin stolen near Springdale [KHQ News]

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