McDonald’s Confirms Testing Of All-Day Breakfast In San Diego Area

Following earlier unconfirmed reports that it would be trying out all-day breakfast, McDonald’s has confirmed the test.

“We know our customers love McDonald’s breakfast and they tell us they’d like to enjoy it beyond the morning hours. So next month, we will begin testing all-day breakfast at select restaurants in the San Diego area,” reads a company statement to the Chicago Tribune. “We look forward to learning from this test, and it’s premature to speculate on any outcomes.”


A little more than a month after a survey found 70% of Americans want restaurants to serve breakfast throughout the day, reports have begun to surface that the Golden Arches plans to do just that.

Citing analysts from Janney Capital Markets, CNBC reports that McDonald’s is taking a step toward making breakfast an all-day option by testing the service at select locations starting in the next few months.

A request for comment from McDonald’s was not immediately returned to CNBC.

Moving toward an all-day breakfast menu would be a huge change for McDonald’s, as most of the company’s locations stop serving the meals after 10:30 a.m. on weekdays and 11 a.m. on weekends. There are a few locations around the country that serve select breakfast items as part of their late-night menu.

Testing the all-day breakfast menu makes sense for McDonald’s, analysts from Janney say.

“We believe customers generally want to see McDonald’s offer breakfast items all day,” they tell CNBC.

McDonald’s plunge into the all-day-breakfast-craze, could have something to do with a recent National Restaurant Association survey that found nearly 70% of Americans want breakfast available all day, and that younger adults love eating the meals for dinner more than any other age group.

The fast-food company has been struggling in recent months to revamp its image and bring in a younger clientele following years of declining sales.

In the past, the company – which has mulled the idea of all-day breakfast before – blamed a limited amount of space on kitchen grills as the reason not to expand the morning menu items.

QSR Magazine echoed those issues back in February, saying the added logistics and costs of serving two entire menus’ worth of food could be too much for a smaller, fast-food sized kitchen.

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