McDonald’s Will Pay SXSW Performers After All

Global fast-food mega-brand McDonald’s has gone digging behind its metaphorical couch cushions this week after negative music festival-related publicity. A band exposed the company’s plans to not pay artists invited to play in its showcase at the South by Southwest Music Festival, even though it had budgeted to distribute free McDonald’s food and drink. Now, in an unsurprising move, McDonald’s will pay the bands that play in its showcase.

After the letter from half of the duo Ex Cops sped around the global infosphere, McDonald’s says that it reconsidered its plans, in consultation with the musicians that had promised to show up, as well as the people in charge of SXSW.

McDonald’s had apparently misunderstood how things work at the festival: an insider explained to Billboard magazine that while it’s true that many other sponsors don’t pay showcase players in cash, they typically offer festival credentials or some other non-cash compensation that’s more substantive than fries, milkshakes, and “lovin’.”

In a statement, McDonald’s says that more than 20 bands will be taking part in their showcase, and they’re all going to get paid something. The statement doesn’t specify how much they’ll get paid, but it’s the gesture and reshuffling of its even budget to accommodate how other sponsors act at this particular event that counts.

“We are thrilled that our letter made a difference,” the Ex Cops posted on their Facebook page overnight. “Thank YOU for helping us. Artists should be paid for their work.”

McDonald’s To Pay Performers at Its SXSW Showcase [Billboard] (via Gawker)

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