Flight Attendant Involved In “Nut Rage” Incident Sues Korean Air Lines, Former Exec

A flight attendant in the middle of the “nut rage” case that found a now former Korean Air Lines executive sentenced to prison for one year has filed a civil lawsuit against the airline chairman’s daughter in New York, naming the airline as a defendant as well.

In the lawsuit filed on Monday, the flight attendant claims that Heather Cho screamed obscenities at the flight attendant, hit, shoved and threatened her, reports Reuters.

Everything started over macadamia nuts that were served in a bag and not on a plate, something that witnesses have said didn’t go over too well.

That’s when the former vice president in charge of cabin services at the airline reportedly went into a rage, berating the flight crew and ordering the head of the cabin crew off the plane at JFK Airport, delaying the flight by about 20 minutes.

The flight attendant testified in court that Cho had become abusive, shouting at them as they were kneeling on the floor.

Cho later resigned from her position and apologized, and is planning to appeal her conviction in South Korea for violating aviation safety laws.

The flight attendant’s lawyers said in a statement that they’re confident Cho will be found responsible “for the extensive damage that she has caused to [the attendant’s] career, reputation, and emotional well-being,” but did not specify the amount of damages she’s seeking.

Her legal team did say she filed the lawsuit because Cho and Korean Air hadn’t responded when they tried to reach a settlement.

Korean Air flight attendant in ‘nut rage’ case sues chairman’s daughter [Reuters]

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