This Is The Best Video Of A Guy Using A Power Tool To Eat A Bagel That You’ll See Today

True: There are other ways to perform common, everyday actions apart from widely accepted methods. False: All of these are brilliant and deserve the description of “mind-blowing.” But though it won’t change everything you ever thought you knew about breakfast, it is fun to see a guy use power tools on a bagel.

In what I must admit I first thought was another one of those videos showing a trick to doing something that I could then repeat and tell everyone I know about, in “You’ve been eating bagels wrong your whole life” on YouTube, a mute bagel lover goes through a pantomime showing the frustrations of having to cut a bagel in two and smear cream cheese on both sides.

Knives can be annoying, I guess, though some people use those bagel slicing things. And what about all that bread that isn’t on the surface and thus, will never feel the blanket of cream cheese upon its crumbs?

That’s where the power drill comes in (which we do not advise using on bagels). And subsequently, a few other steps that I wouldn’t recommend any sane person follow, though it does make for an amusing video break to the day.

The lesson here, I think? Not everything has to have a shortcut — sometimes the way to do something is just the way to do something.

H/T to @_Cooper for the link!

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