Bagel Bites Come Full Circle, Put Breakfast Pizzas On Tiny Bagels

If bagels are a breakfast food, and pizza bagels are a food that can be eaten at any time of day, when do you eat a breakfast pizza bagel? Does making it a mini breakfast pizza bagel change the equation? Is a bagel topped with eggs, bacon, and cheese even a pizza at all, or is it simply an open-faced breakfast sandwich?

First, let’s get this over with:

For a tiny frozen food item, these new breakfast Bagel Bites are crammed with a lot of confusion. Following current food trends, though, what they brag about is how they’re actually crammed with protein. The official website promotes them as the “ultimate well-rounded breakfast,” by the way, so no eating these as an after-school snack.


Over at The Impulsive Buy, where we learned about this new and exciting product, Marvo points out while there’s eight to ten grams of protein per serving of mini-bagel, the serving size is four pieces. A box includes nine pieces. Why aren’t they packaged in boxes of eight or twelve? That would probably make too much sense. While Bagel Bites are available in bulk boxes of 40, the breakfast bagels aren’t sold in that size package yet.

SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Bagel Bites Breakfast [The Impulsive Buy]

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