McDonald’s Testing “Shakin’ Flavor” Seasoning On Both McNuggets And Fries In Nevada

shakinflavorheyNot content to let seasoned dust fall only on French fries in California, McDonald’s has now expanded its test of Shakin’ Flavors to its chicken McNuggets in some Nevada locations as well. Again, this just sounds like a great big salty mess waiting to get all over our hands. reports that the flavor-in-a-bag idea is debuting at Northern Nevada McDonald’s locations, with the same seasoning varieties available both nuggets and fries that it had test earlier in California: zesty ranch, chipotle BBQ and garlic parmesan.

While it’s surely interesting to experiment with new flavors for some old offerings, as we’ve pointed out in the past, giving customers a packet of dry seasoning meant to be dumped in a thin, paper McDonald’s bag is only one small tear away from an annoying mess, or [gasp!] the loss of a nugget/fry.

Seasoning is free though, so at least it’d be a free annoying mess.

McDonald’s Takes Shaker Idea to McNuggets []

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