Taco Bell’s Quesalupa Spotted In The Wild, Does Not Look Like A Case Of Lupus

Twitter user @uscgmitch sent us these images of his Quesalupa.

Twitter user @uscgmitch sent us these images of his Quesalupa.

A few days back, Taco Bell unleashed it’s latest vaguely Mexican-ish-sorta-sounding fast-food Voltron, the Quesalupa — or as Conan O’Brien dubbed it, the “Case of Lupus” — but only in Toledo. Because none of us live anywhere near the Ohio city and because fast food items tend to look very different than what’s advertised, we asked readers to send in photos of the Quesalupa in the wild. You obliged, and the results are surprisingly not horrifying.

Given the not-exactly-flattering real-life results for the Double Down Hot Dog at KFC, who shares a parent company with Taco Bell, we were expecting the worst but so far haven’t received any grotesque shots that look like the Quesalupa was run over by a Zamboni.

Steven was the first to share his Quesalupa pics with us, and the only reader to provide any feedback on the experience.

“They taste just like a regular Chalupa,” he writes, “but are a lot more cheesy with the stuffed shell.”



Then Wendy sent in a photo of her first Quesalupa, which also didn’t look terrible:


Finally, this morning Mitch Tweeted a series of pics of his meal:

Now it’s possible that Taco Bell is telling franchisees to be ultra careful about the look of the new menu item so that disappointing photos don’t scuttle customer anticipation ahead of a wider rollout. Given the sheer number of fast food items made in a day, it’s inevitable that we will eventually see pics of Quesalupas that look more like crime scene photos than something you’d want to eat.

Until then, we leave you with the video that started it all:

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