Police: “Brisket Bandit” Has Robbed Texas Restaurants Of Thousands Of Dollars Of Meat

Desperate times often call for desperate measures, but while the current brisket shortage might seem like a reason to go out and do bad things to get your hands on some of that tender meat, robbery is no way to go. Police in San Antonio have alerted local restaurants to keep on the lookout for a person dubbed the “Brisket Bandit,” who’s suspected of stealing thousands of dollars worth of meat.

The San Antonio Police department issued an alert after a recent spate of heists at three different BBQ joints, reports KENS 5 News.

The restaurant owners think it’s the same person sneaking in and hauling out bags full of meat. After one heist, the thief left behind a machete.

“They got it all done in 20 minutes,” said one, while another noted the suspect was “all dressed in black, no flashlight.”

“The brisket bandit is what I’ve coined him,” said another owner, who said a thief took away $2,500 worth of meat in one night.

“The surveillance showed him coming in with a back pack and then walking out with six duffel bags worth of food,” he said.

The recent heists have led others to beef up security, pun intended, as brisket is too expensive at the moment and losing it cuts into restaurants’ profits.

The SAPD hasn’t been able to definitively connects the three cases yet, however, as they’ve had a hard time getting a clear image of the person. Whoever it is, they probably smell delicious.

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