Cops: Man Pulled Building’s Fire Alarm To Get Quicker Help For Toilet Clogged With Potatoes

When our fellow consumers make a bad decision, there are always lessons to be learned. In the case of a Pennsylvania man who pulled his building’s fire alarm when there was no fire, there are two things we must take away. First, don’t pull the fire alarm in a building if nothing is ablaze. Second, do not put potatoes in your toilet.

Police in Delaware County responded to an alarm early Sunday morning, reports NBC10, after the building had been evacuated.

But when police and the fire department realized there was no fire or any other kind of emergency, they questioned one of the apartment buildings residents who’d admitted that he pulled the alarm to get attention for his clogged toilet. The toilet that he had inexplicably shoved potatoes into.

Apparently he’d tried calling his building’s maintenance department for help, but when they didn’t immediately respond he took his personal emergency straight to the top.

He was arrested for ringing the false alarm, though it’s still unclear whether or not those potatoes were rescued from their porcelain prison.

Man Clogs Toilet With Potatoes, Pulls Fire Alarm to Get Help Quicker [NBC10]

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