Check Which McDonald’s Restaurants Are Serving All-Day Hash Browns Before You Go

Check Which McDonald’s Restaurants Are Serving All-Day Hash Browns Before You Go

One thing that disappointed fans of McDonald’s breakfast after the chain expanded its availablility all day long is that not all restaurants offer hash browns all day. Hash Brown Finder is exactly what it sounds like: it flags McDonald’s locations and whether they serve hash browns all day or not. The site is simple to use, plotting locations with hash browns on a Google map. It needs more data, though: if you’ve been to McDonald’s lately, volunteer for this tater-riffic cause. [Hash Brown Finder] [More]

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We Live In A World Where An Internet Company Can Charge $14 To Put A Message On A Potato

I am not here to tell you how to spend your money, let’s just get that right out there. But hey, if you’re willing to spend $14 to send someone a message on a potato, I’ve got to hope that that potato can then be mashed/fried/roasted and eaten afterward. [More]


Devotees Of Deep-Fried Food Could Be Facing Price Hikes For Their Favorite Fare

Take a look at that fried chicken sandwich/French fry/potato chip you’re about to eat. It could soon cost you more money to reach deep-fried satisfaction, as the crops necessary to make the vegetable oil used by many companies to fry your favorite foods to a golden crisp are struggling in Canada. [More]


Police: Man Pitched A Condiment-Throwing Fit Over Rest Stop’s Lack Of Macaroni & Cheese, Potatoes

We all get cranky when we’ve got a craving for a certain food and it’s nowhere to be found, but it’s important in those frustrating moments to keep a cool head. Unlike one man who allegedly was so enraged that a rest stop didn’t have any macaroni and cheese — and to add insult to injury, had run out of potatoes. [More]

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Ohio Health Officials: Home-Canned Potatoes To Blame For Botulism Outbreak

Canning your own food at home is a fantastic idea for anyone who wants vegetables on-hand all year-round. But health officials are warning people to make sure they stick to proper canning techniques, after a batch of home-canned potatoes used to make potato salad was linked to an outbreak of botulism in Ohio that’s killed one person. [More]


Cops: Man Pulled Building’s Fire Alarm To Get Quicker Help For Toilet Clogged With Potatoes

When our fellow consumers make a bad decision, there are always lessons to be learned. In the case of a Pennsylvania man who pulled his building’s fire alarm when there was no fire, there are two things we must take away. First, don’t pull the fire alarm in a building if nothing is ablaze. Second, do not put potatoes in your toilet. [More]

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Potato Truck Overturns On Oregon Highway, Creates Massive Hash Brown

The driver of the tractor-trailer that crashed this morning on a highway in Oregon says that he swerved to miss a deer. He lost control of the truck, which rolled over, spilling its cargo on the shoulder. Its cargo of delicious red potatoes. [More]


Guy Who Crowdfunded $55,000 To Make Potato Salad Is Throwing A Huge Potato Party For Charity

Back when the guy known now as Kickstarter Potato Salad Guy raised about $55,000 for his first-ever attempt at making potato salad, everyone was wondering how in the heck you could possibly make that much potato salad to fulfill rewards for his backers. And now he’s got the answer — he’s going to throw a massive potato party, complete with potato sack races, food vendors and yes, potato salad, all for charity. [More]


Watch A Guy Clean And Peel A Bunch Of Potatoes With A Power Tool And A Bucket Of Water

Are there a million and one ways out there to do every household task anyone’s ever had to do? Yes. Are they all methods we would personally advise using? Maybe not so much. But that’s a decision you need to make for yourself when presented with the evidence of say, cleaning and peeling a bunch of potatoes using a jerry-rigged power tool, a bucket and some water. [More]

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Truck Spills Huge Load Of Instant Mashed Potatoes On Highway, Gravy Truck Sadly Absent

It could’ve been worse. It could have been a truck carrying a huge load of your grandmother’s signature, made-from-scratch, super special mashed potatoes. But still, we should pour one out in remembrance of the load of instant mashed potatoes that the world lost during a recent truck accident. [More]

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This Is Why You Should Throw Away Those Old Green Potatoes

If you leave potatoes sitting in in your cupboard for too long, they might sprout or turn green, but it’s not like eating old vegetables is going to kill you or anything. Wait, it can? It can cause symptoms ranging from a tummyache to hallucinations to death? And that’s happened quite a few times throughout history? Well, crap. [More]


Grocery Group Accusing Potato Farmers Of Pumping Up Spud Prices

The next time you’re biting into a perfectly crispy on the outside, steaming hot on the inside french fry, you should know there’s currently a battle raging between potato farmers and the grocers who sell those spuds in all their various forms. There are even claims of espionage, carried out with satellites and aircraft flyovers. Exciting stuff! [More]

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Boeing Using Potatoes As Stand-Ins For Human Passengers To Test Wi-Fi Signals

Potato, potato. Either way you say it (or slice it, then fry it up real nice), Boeing is using sacks of the starchy stuff to test airplane Wi-Fi signals. Apparently the human body and sacks of potatoes have enough in common that the company can figure out how signals will bounce around onboard using the food as stand-ins. [More]

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Comment Of The Day: Dishwasher, Clean Thyself

We’re reviving an old-school Consumerist feature last seen circa 2008: the Comment of the Day. On this morning’s post about cleaning ‘taters and cooking salmon in the dishwasher, commenter Pasketti observed that only a dishwasher that is itself clean can clean your potatoes properly. [More]

People Are Allegedly Preparing Salmon And Potatoes In The Dishwasher

People Are Allegedly Preparing Salmon And Potatoes In The Dishwasher

Real Simple has a list of things you can and cannot put in your dishwasher (Caution: annoying slideshow.) One of the suggestions stood out. Potatoes…? [More]

Lay's Chip Tracker Helps You Find The Source Of Your Salty Snacks

Lay's Chip Tracker Helps You Find The Source Of Your Salty Snacks

Do you lie awake at night, wondering where the potatoes in the bag of Lay’s chips you downed while watching “Dancing With the Stars” were grown? No, neither do most sane people. However, our alert colleagues over at ShopSmart magazine have discovered the Lay’s Chip Tracker, which can tell you the potato source based on the bag’s production code. No, seriously.