Police Posed As Shoplifters, Sold Meat And Supplies To Food Truck Operators

Two food cart operators in Portland, Oregon were busted last week buying meat, soda, oven cleaner, and utensils from undercover officers posing as shoplifters. They were arrested and have both been charged with attempted theft by receiving. However, they explained to local media that they totally didn’t think that they were buying meat that had been shoved down a thief’s pants. No way.

The vendors claim that they were under the impression that they were buying meat and supplies from a wholesaler. The investigation began when police discovered that some shoplifters were taking items from grocery stores and selling them at cut-rate prices to food trucks.

“Some of the people shoplifting would steal meat, shove it down their pants, leave the store, and ultimately sell it to a food cart,” a Portland police officer explained to TV station KGW. “They’re using it for food and selling it to other people. So, really not a healthy way to handle meat.” No, there are multiple health code violations involved there.

For the undercover operation, officers posed as similar shoplifters and tried to sell goods to nearby food truck operators. Most vendors sent them away, possibly because they knew what was up, but two trucks purchased items from the officers. Their next court date is in March.

Food cart owners under fire defend stolen meat claims [KGW] (Warning: auto-play video)

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