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Lawsuit: Dollar Express Claims Dollar Tree Pushed It Out Of Business

Lawsuit: Dollar Express Claims Dollar Tree Pushed It Out Of Business

When Dollar Tree battled Dollar General for the affections and assets of Family Dollar in 2014 and won, it sold more than 300 stores to a new company called Dollar Express in order to satisfy federal regulators. Fast forward to today: Dollar Express sold itself to former suitor Dollar General, and it’s suing Dollar Tree, claiming that it’s partly to blame for its failure. [More]


Dollar General Plans To Open 2,000 New Stores, Remodel 870 Others Over Two Years

A year after sticking it to Family Dollar for brushing off its $9 billion takeover bid by saying it would open 730 new stores in 2015, Dollar General is continuing to spend the money its rival retailer wouldn’t take, announcing its plans to open 2,000 new stores through 2017.  [More]


Man Shoved 5 Bags Of Frozen Shrimp Down His Pants At Family Dollar

At Consumerist, we do our best to bring you the latest news about people stuffing meat, shellfish, or power tools down their pants. It’s only the second week of the year, and there’s already a second “crimes against meat” incident in the news. In Albany, Georgia, a man was caught on camera with three bags of frozen shrimp stuffed down his pants, and two in his back pockets. [More]

Former Family Dollar Stores Will Become Dollar Express Stores

Former Family Dollar Stores Will Become Dollar Express Stores

You may remember the sordid dollar-store love triangle that played out before our eyes earlier this year, as Dollar Tree and Dollar General battled for the affections and assets of Family Dollar. The eventual winner was Dollar Tree, and now the two companies have become one. However, they still needed to satisfy the Federal Trade Commission’s requirements by selling off more than 300 stores. [More]

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Deal$ Stores Will Be Rebranded As Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree pumped up its namesake portfolio earlier this year when it completed the $9.2 billion takeover of rival retailer Family Dollar, converting many of those stores into Dollar Trees. Now the discount chain will be bestowing its name on more than 200 smaller Deals (or Deal$) branded stores. [More]

Dollar Tree, Family Dollar Will Sell Off 330 Stores To Get Merger Approval

Dollar Tree, Family Dollar Will Sell Off 330 Stores To Get Merger Approval

A year after the sordid dollar store love triangle began and nearly seven months after Family Dollar chose Dollar Tree to have and to hold for a mere $9.2 billion, the merger process appears to be almost over with federal regulators officially asking the new couple to ditch 330 stores. [More]

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Dollar Tree, Family Dollar Expected To Close 340 Stores For Merger Approval

When Family Dollar accepted Dollar Tree’s proposal for a merger in January, the two companies estimated the deal would require the closing of no more than 300 stores. As federal regulators get closer to putting their stamp of approval on the dollar store marriage, they’re adding a few more stores to the chopping block. [More]

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Dollar General Plans To Open Hundreds Of Stores After Failed Bid For Family Dollar

Like any recently scorned lover might do, Dollar General has an ambitious plan to better itself and make Family Dollar rue the day it rejected its $9 billion takeover bid in favor of Dollar Tree’s merger advances. [More]

March Recall Roundup – Plummeting Chandeliers And Ceiling Fans

March Recall Roundup – Plummeting Chandeliers And Ceiling Fans

In this month’s Recall Roundup for non-edible items, fans and chandeliers might plummet from the ceiling, handlebars on kids’ bikes and amphibious vehicles for grown-ups fall apart, and cocktail glasses shatter for no reason. Also, there are 40,000 portable heaters out there that could spray hot oil on their owners at any time. [More]


Family Dollar Burglary Suspect Makes Things Easy By Falling Through Store’s Ceiling, Landing In Front of Cops

There’s getting caught redhanded, and then there’s dumping yourself into police custody all by yourself. A man suspected of trying to burgle a Family Dollar made his capture pretty darn easy on cops yesterday morning, after falling through the ceiling right in front of a police officer responding to the scene. [More]

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Dollar Tree Crowned Victor In Battle For Family Dollar

The dollar store war appears to have finally come to an end today, as the shareholders for Family Dollar overwhelmingly voted in favor of a smaller, but safer, takeover bid from Dollar Tree, effectively crushing the heart of aggressive suitor Dollar General.  [More]

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Family Dollar Urges Shareholders To Take Dollar Tree Deal, Call Proposal A “Virtual Certainty”

Just weeks after Family Dollar appeared to show a change of heart in the months-long dollar store soap opera, officials with the company are once again pushing for approval of a deal with smaller rival Dollar Tree despite a heftier bid by Dollar General. [More]

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Could Family Dollar Be Reconsidering Its Decision To Pick Dollar Tree Over Dollar General?

The decision by the Family Dollar to start and then immediately adjourn a shareholder meeting today without voting on two proposed takeover deals may be a sign of a change of heart in the dollar store soap opera. [More]


We’ll Be Waiting A Little Longer For A Dollar Store Merger

The fate of the long-running dollar store merger saga likely won’t be decided by the end of the year as once expected, now that Family Dollar has decided to delay an upcoming shareholder vote. [More]

A Tulsa mother says her four-year-old son received a Nazi-themed ring from a vending machine at a local dollar store.

Parents Of Four-Year-Old Say Son Got A Nazi-Themed Ring In Toy Vending Machine

You just never know what might pop out of the small plastic bubble toy vending machines found at the front of many stores and restaurants. You could get a cute colorful dinosaur or a Nazi-themed plastic ring. The latter was reportedly the prize for a four-year-old at a Tulsa Family Dollar store earlier this week. [More]

Report: FTC Thinks Stores With ‘Dollar’ In Names Mostly Compete With Each Other

Report: FTC Thinks Stores With ‘Dollar’ In Names Mostly Compete With Each Other

Most people think of a dollar store as a store where every item costs $1. This is not the case for Family Dollar, a discount chain, or and Dollar General, one of the suitors seeking to acquire it. Dollar Tree, the company’s other suitor, is a traditional dollar store. As the chains compete to merge, there’s one important question: who do these stores compete with? [More]


Don’t Use That Stolen Debit Card In Front Of Woman You Stole It From

We’ve heard numerous stories over the years of someone having their debit card stolen and then watching online in horror as their account was drained while waiting for someone at the bank to pick up the phone. But here’s a story of a woman who was able to nab the thief of her debit card — because he tried to buy $200 worth of toys with it right in front of her. [More]

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Dollar General Extends Deadline For Family Dollar Offer, Hopes Shareholders Finally Give In To Advances

The drama that is the dollar store wars doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon, with Dollar General extending the life of its latest deal to buy Family Dollar out from under Dollar Tree. [More]