Family Dollar Burglary Suspect Makes Things Easy By Falling Through Store’s Ceiling, Landing In Front of Cops

There’s getting caught redhanded, and then there’s dumping yourself into police custody all by yourself. A man suspected of trying to burgle a Family Dollar made his capture pretty darn easy on cops yesterday morning, after falling through the ceiling right in front of a police officer responding to the scene. [More]


A Booze Burglar Is Stealing Beers From Town’s Refrigerators For Second Summer In A Row

Residents of a Texas town are clutching their cans and bottles of beer closely, as the city’s residents are being plagued once again by a mysterious booze burglar. Someone is breaking into garage refrigerators and even homes simply to swipe beer, for the second summer in a row. IS NOTHING SACRED ANYMORE?!? [More]


Potential Burglar Driven From Store By Robotic Singing Bass

When you see a Big Mouth Billy Bass mounted on the wall, running away isn’t a bad idea. We never would have thought of using one as a theft-deterrent system, but police say that a burglar ran out of a store when he or she activated the singing fish by walking past it. Naturally, the store was a bait shop. [More]

(J.G. Park)

Hide Your Valuables Where No One Will Ever Look

The best way to keep baddies from stealing your valuables is to not own anything valuable in the first place, but that’s no fun. Instead, consider hiding your valuables in places no one will look. Jewelry box? The obvious place to keep your grandmother’s pearls. An aspirin bottle in the medicine cabinet? Not so much! And who would look for a wad of cash wrapped in foil in an old Gardenburger box in your freezer? [More]

Cruise Line Employee Used Reservation List To Determine When To Rob Vacationers

Cruise Line Employee Used Reservation List To Determine When To Rob Vacationers

I guess you could try to prepare your robbery schedule based on Foursquare and Twitter updates, but a former Royal Caribbean Cruise Line employee found a much easier way: she accessed the cruise line’s reservations list, wrote down the addresses of passengers and the dates they’d be on the cruise, and handed the list off to her husband. She’s being charged with 24 counts of burglary, while her husband will be charged soon. [More]