Netflix Will Stream ‘The Interview’ Starting This Weekend

theinterviewagainWhat’s that? You aren’t the type who finds reading quarterly financial parts titillating? Totally fine, because other people are around to read them and pull out the fun parts, like the fact that Netflix is bringing The Interview to its streaming library starting this weekend.

Just a month after it released the movie online amid threats from hackers promising retribution if the movie hit theaters, the bromantic comedy about two guys assigned the job of assassinating the leader of North Korea will be available to Netflix’s streaming subscribers in the U.S. and Canada, the company announced in its Q4 financial report.

“We are thrilled to offer exclusively the controversial comedy, The Interview, to our US and Canadian members beginning this Saturday, Jan. 24 – just thirty days after it debuted in theaters and pay-per-view,” Netflix says.

It’ll also have its first original feature film in theaters this summer, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II: The Green Destiny, which will open on select IMAX screens on the same day it hits Netflix.

The Interview has already enjoyed a pretty good month online, as Sony says the flick brought in $15 million total in sales and rentals of the movie in the four days after its release, and is now up to $40 million sales and was rented or bought online more than 5.8 million times.

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