Sony Releasing “The Interview” Online Today For $6

interview2The saga of the The Interview may finally be coming to an end, with Sony deciding to release the film for rental and purchase through multiple online outlets a day earlier than it had originally planned to put it in theaters.

The company confirmed to that the movie will be available starting around 1 p.m. ET today via YouTube’s rental service, Google Play, the Xbox Marketplace and through a dedicate site,

It will rent for $5.99 and sell for $14.99.

The announcement comes a day after Sony decided to allow several independent theaters and small chains — most notably the Alamo Drafthouse family of cinemas — to start showing the movie on Dec. 25, the day it was supposed to be released.

Even bestselling author and professional procrastinator George R.R. Martin was able to get the green light to show the movie at his tiny Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe, NM.

The film, which was considered a lighthearted piece of counter-programming to the star-studded dramatic Oscar-bait normally released on Christmas, was pushed into the spotlight because of its premise, which has the CIA tasking an American TV personality with assassinating North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during a televised interview.

There has been a lot of speculation that the North Korean government was behind, or somehow involved, in the recent attack on Sony’s internal network. However, numerous experts have expressed doubt that the real source of the hack and the threats against Sony come from people unrelated to the impoverished dictatorship.

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