Taco Bell’s Tortilla-Encrusted Fried Chicken Strips Are Real, Tested In 3 States

taco-bell-crispy-chicken-gostrips-testIf you’re one of the 49.71% of our readers who, when polled, thought that Dorito-encrusted fried chicken sounded like an amazing idea, we have great news. Kind of. Yum Brands has brought this idea one step closer to reality: as they whispered to some food bloggers a few months ago, tortilla-encrusted fried chicken strips have left the imaginations of Taco Bell’s food scientists and leapt onto restaurant menus in three states.

Brand Eating reports that the chicken strips appear in items being tested in three communities: great news for fried chicken fans who live in Birmingham, Alabama; Flint, Michigan; and Nashville, Tennessee. The rest of us will have to wait to find out whether they deserve a place on the menu nationwide. As difficult as it may be to believe, it’s possible that the tortilla chip-encrusted chicken won’t be any good.

They’re being marketed in two items so far, but theoretically you could have the breaded chicken strips in any Taco Bell item that normally has meat. They’re marketing the Chickstar, which is not a planet-sized Galactic Empire battle station manned by chickens, but an item sort of like a Crunchwrap Supreme with chicken strips in it. There are also Crispy Chicken GoStrips, a strip of the breaded chicken that’s doused in sauce, wrapped in a tortilla, and grilled.

As always, if you live in or happen to visit these test markets and try the new menu items, let us know how they are.

Taco Bell Testing Several Fried Chicken Strips Menu Items [Brand Eating]

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