Taco Bell Is Testing Tortilla Chip-Encrusted Fried Chicken––No, Really



Remember a few months ago when we shared the news that KFC in the Philippines is offering fried chicken covered in Clover Chips, a popular tapioca-based snack? We took the opportunity to wonder whether parent company Yum Brands might bring that concept to the United States, substituting Dorito crumbs for Clover Chips. Well, maybe the company was listening…just not necessarily KFC.

Now, this might not really happen, and they’re not saying that the tortilla chips are necessarily Doritos. However, in our poll, almost half of you said that you’d be interested in tortilla-encrusted chicken, so we thought that we should share this important information.

Taco Bell sort of mentioned this in passing during the same event where they announced the forthcoming biscuit folded in half with meat inside Biscuit Tacos, because fried chicken and biscuits are delicious together. Foodbeast coaxed Taco Bell representatives to admit that yes, fried chicken is yet another protein option that they’re testing that will also be available in its other dishes.

Taco Bell is Working on Fried Chicken Battered With Tortilla Chips [Foodbeast]

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