You Can Now Get Hot Doughnuts From Domino’s (In The U.K.)

dominos-uk-delivers-donutsHave you spent the morning moping in your cubicle, wishing that someone would bring you a box of donuts and a vat of coffee? A new item from Domino’s in the United Kingdom would get you halfway there: the chain pizzeria is now rather inexplicably selling donuts. Hot donuts.

We learned about this exciting development from Brand Eating. It appears that the treats have two strikes against them from an American doughnut-gobbling perspective: first, while the treats are “hot,” Domino’s mentions an oven instead of a fryer. Also, the marketing indicates that they’re a dessert item rather than a breakfast item, dashing our dreams of a worldwide Domino’s breakfast menu that features delivery in 30 minutes or less of breakfast pizzas and boxes of doughnuts.

Anyway, to promote these new desserts, Domino’s is offering them at £1.99 (about $3.15) for 4 donuts, and £4.99 ($7.87) for a dozen. That’s a low promotional price, and we still don’t know whether they are any good.

Domino’s Now Delivers Hot Donuts in the UK [Brand Eating]

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