Guy Probably Won’t Forget The Time He Left A $1.25M Piece Of Art On The Train

We’ve all had that no good, very bad commuting day, when nothing seems to go your way. But while normal woes include traffic jams, heinously crowded subway cars and missed buses, an art collector in Switzerland had the worst kind of transit trouble one might imagine — he got off a train and forgot to bring a $1.24 million piece of 13th century artwork with him. Oops.

According to The Local, the Franco-Italian collector didn’t realize he’d left the 13th century Chinese scroll titled “Le banquet des immortels à la terrasse de Jade” (“The banquet of immortals on the terrace of Jade”) on a Paris to Geneva train until after the train had already departed with the work on it.

He’d just presented the scroll at some kind of event in Paris, before getting off at a stop before Geneva.

“I was crushed when I realized I didn’t have it with me,” he said. “It was a massive shock.”

Train staff notified officials in Geneva, but a subsequent search came up empty. It hasn’t been turned yet by any kind-hearted travelers, either.

While the collector has posted an ad offering a reward for its return, it’s an effort that has only brought more frustration as people have called him up pretending to have the painting, only to demand he put money in their bank accounts before returning it.

Despite that, he’s still hopeful it’ll find its way back to him.

“You have to be optimistic,” he said. “After all, a positive attitude can overcome many obstacles.”

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