Woman Who Lost Wedding Ring Handing Out Halloween Candy Could Use Your Help

In what was definitely more of a sad, accidental trick than any sort of Halloween treat, an Arizona woman says she lost her wedding ring somewhere in the sea of candy she gave out Friday night to costumed kids. And though you might think it’s a long shot, she’s asking parents to check those trick-or-treat bags carefully.

If there’s one night where it’s acceptable for frenzied masses to crowd your doorstep clamoring for candy, it’s Halloween. And it was in that creepy chaos that the Mesa, AZ woman says lost her wedding ring.

She tells ABC 15 she’d put it for safekeeping in a candy jar while carving pumpkins with her daughters, and forgotten it was in there. During the craziness of handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, she accidentally dumped candy — and her ring — straight from the jar.

“When I first realized what had happened, I just lost my speech, I froze,” she said, adding that someone might not know they have the ring in their loot in the first place.

“I actually had plastic rings in there too, so it wouldn’t have felt much different,” she said.

It’s also not the financial loss she’s sad about — she and her husband couldn’t afford much when they got married when she was 20 — but the pricelessness of what it means after 10 years of marriage.

“If you were to try and pawn it or sell it you could probably get $50 for it. It’s not an expensive ring,” she said. “It’s my wedding ring, you know? I mean you could replace it but it’s not the same.”

Mesa candy lovers, start checking those loot bags.

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