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Dad Hands Out Candy On Flight So Daughter Won’t Miss Trick-Or-Treating

Imagine telling your child they won’t be able to go trick-or-treating. Not a fun image, right? One dad managed to turn a potentially unfortunate situation into a super sweet one, when he made sure his daughter didn’t miss out on Halloween’s biggest tradition just because she was stuck on a plane. [More]

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Woman Who Lost Wedding Ring Handing Out Halloween Candy Could Use Your Help

In what was definitely more of a sad, accidental trick than any sort of Halloween treat, an Arizona woman says she lost her wedding ring somewhere in the sea of candy she gave out Friday night to costumed kids. And though you might think it’s a long shot, she’s asking parents to check those trick-or-treat bags carefully. [More]

Trick-or-treaters could be meeting Porky this year. (

Florida Town Worried Roving Wild Boars Will Put A Damper On Trick-Or-Treating Fun This Year

There’s the homemade costume that didn’t turn out like you dreamed, the candy bag that springs a hole unnoticed until the trick-or-treating is done, and the sudden flash of bad, stormy weather raining all over your carefully madeup skeleton face. All are big bummers on Halloween… and then there are huge wild boars roaming around, ruining trick-or-treating night in an entirely different way. [More]

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Why Do We Go Trick-Or-Treating On Halloween When Candy Is Tasty All Year?

Gazing out on the sea of Sexy So-And-Sos in knee socks and armed with excuses, amid the sound of the doorbell constantly ringing and shrilly demanding your candy sacrifice be made at the altar of yet another kid dressed as Buzz Lightyear, it can be hard to find a reason for it all. Why do we dress up? Why do we go begging for candy on this one night of the year, when candy is readily available all year round? [More]

Woman Takes It Upon Herself To Hand Out Letters To “Obese” Trick-Or-Treaters

Woman Takes It Upon Herself To Hand Out Letters To “Obese” Trick-Or-Treaters

There is no greater slight in a child’s eyes on Halloween than when mean adults ruin it by refusing to hand out candy. But while sure, kids can deal with houses where they’re handing out dental floss or healthy snacks, here and there, children will probably want to avoid the home of the woman handing out letters to Trick-or-Treaters she deems “moderately obese.” [More]

How To Protect Your Car From Halloween Tricks

How To Protect Your Car From Halloween Tricks

If your biggest Halloween fear is waking up the next morning to discover that your car’s been egged into oblivion, our car-care cousins at Consumer Reports have a few ideas that may offer some protection. The most effective (and obvious): stash your car in the garage overnight if you can. [More]

Recalling The Worst Halloween 'Treats' Of Yesteryear

Recalling The Worst Halloween 'Treats' Of Yesteryear

When you think back about your halcyon trick or treating days, all the good times blur into one another and it’s the nasty stuff that comes to mind. For instance, the old lady on the corner who gave you apples or the creepy dude across the street who passed out tooth brushes. [More]


7% of dog owners will buy their pet a costume for halloween. The most popular doggie bags: “devils, pumpkins, witches, princesses and angels.” [Chicago Tribune]