Bag Of Cash Falls Out Of Armored Truck, Scatters Across Highway

Image courtesy of If the money had been attached to an adorable dog, would you have turned it into the bank? (photo: Dan Century)

Some commuters this morning in Maryland encountered some unexpected excitement when they saw a huge amount of cash blowing across the highway. This was not the most dangerous radio station promotion ever, but a mishap when a bag of money fell out of an armored truck, scattering its contents across the highway. Naturally, motorists stopped to pick it up.

Bags of money are just falling out all over the place? No, this was an unusual situation. Police say that one of the GardaWorld truck’s doors malfunctioned, causing a bag of cash to fall out. They have not disclosed how much cash was in the bag, but the commuters were apparently very thorough: with the help of K9 officers they were only able to recover $200.

This is not a “finders keepers” situation: the Maryland State Police say that if they find any of the motorists who helped themselves to the money, those people could be charged with theft. At least one person has turned in the money they picked up so far, and the state police have encouraged others to do the same.

I-270 drivers scramble to snatch cash that falls out of armored truck [WTOP]

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