ATM-Refilling Crew Leaves Bag Of Cash Behind, Then It Disappears

Image courtesy of earth2kim

Sure, all humans make mistakes, and sometimes we even make mistakes at work. However, you have to feel really sorry for the ATM company employees in New Jersey who left a bag containing $141,000 outside of a building where they were working…and accidentally left the bag behind. Local police say that the employee responsible for leaving the bag had to be transported to the hospital when he learned that it had been stolen. We hope that he’s okay, but there’s something very weird about this incident. Update: Police have found the people who allegedly took the money, one of whom happens to have recently bought a $46,000 SUV in cash.

It turns out that a bag containing $141,000 in tens and twenties isn’t very big, and it doesn’t have a huge dollar sign printed on the side like in cartoons. Police say that the ATM-filling crew was only about seven miles away from the site when they realized that a bag was missing, and someone had already walked off with it.

How does that happen? Did they know what was in the bag? Police don’t know the identity of the person who picked up the bag and Someone driving past in a van noticed the unmarked bag, and was caught on surveillance camera picking it up.

Police are urging the person to come forward, since the rule of “finders keepers” doesn’t really apply to a bag sitting on the lawn on private property. “Anytime you find property that’s discarded on the side of the road, it’s not just fair game for you to pick it up and say, ‘Well, you left it, I found it,'” as a police spokesperson said. Indeed.

Mahwah Police Searching For Van After Man Grabs Bag With $141K Left Behind By ATM Worker [WCBS]

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