Man Throws Chihuahua At Window Of Starbucks That Banned Him

starbucks_dogIn Houston, a man was banned from a Starbucks due to his disruptive behavior, which included “harassing” customers. He reacted to this ban in a completely logical way: by pitching a fit outside, throwing a glass bottle at the ground, then throwing a Chihuahua puppy of unknown origin at the coffee shop’s window.

Nobody knows whether the puppy belonged to the man banned from the Starbucks, a bystander who hasn’t stepped forward to reclaim their pet, or where it could have come from. What the authorities do know is that the man pitched the puppy into the window with such force that bystanders thought that it couldn’t have survived.

Fortunately for everyone, it did. The four-pound dog is now in the care of a local rescue organization, and one of her hind legs is broken and needs repair. “How in the world can someone take such a tiny animal and use it to vent their anger?” the volunteer who is providing foster care to the dog asked TV station KHOU.

The man who threw the dog into the window has been charged with animal cruelty, and remains in jail. Naturally, the dog has been named Starbucks, presumably because “Pupkin Spice Latte” was too long. Since no one knows who she belongs to, she will go up for adoption after she recovers.

Chihuahua on mend after being thrown against Starbucks window [KHOU]

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