American Airlines Flight Forced To Return To Gate After Passenger Discovers “Al-Quida” WiFi Network

While there’s no rule that WiFi networks need to employ good spelling, naming a plane hotspot “Al-Quida Free Terror Nettwork” isn’t going to help anyone. And it’s because of that poorly chosen/thick-headed decision that an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to London last night had to turn back before it even got started.

Adding to the rolls of poorly chosen hotspot names, ABC 7 reports that a passenger on last night’s flight saw the terrorist named WiFi connection and told a flight attendant after becoming concerned.

Passengers were then reportedly stuck on the plane for about three hours while authorities investigated, with some travelers saying they were at first told the delay was due to a maintenance problem.

American Airlines officials say the flight returned to the gate and was delayed until 1 p.m. Monday, according to ABC 7.

It said last night that it’s assessing the situation and law enforcement has been notified while police gather more information.

When in doubt, stick with WiFi names like “Fuzzy Socks Stink, Right” or “Keep Your Head Off My Shoulder, Please.”


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