Cops: Teen Wiped Himself With Cash In The Bathroom, Used It To Pay Restaurant Tab

While it’s up to you how you waste your money, putting feces on your money and giving it to someone as payment is not only totally disgusting, but also could lead to a charge of “battery by bodily waste.”

Police in Muncie, IN have charged a teenager with that crime, reports The Star Press, after he allegedly used poo-tainted cash to pay his restaurant bill over the weekend.

The 17-year-old was part of a group of customers at a new restaurant on Sunday, and cops say he went into the bathroom to do a No. 2, using money to wipe himself. He then allegedly placed that bill or bills in the folder provided for payment.

It wasn’t until the server who collected the check actually touched the contaminated money before realizing it was covered in feces, a police rep said.

Thus far no motive has been provided nor a reason given for why the kid would want to give someone poo money, other than teenagers often do crazy and disgusting things, things which can land them in juvenile detention.

Police: Teen left feces-smeared money at restaurant [The Star Press]

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