Jury: Company That Collected Workers’ DNA To Solve Fecal Matter Mystery On The Hook For $2.2M

Add this one to the list of things your employer cannot subject you to on the job: A federal jury recently awarded two warehouse workers in Georgia $2.2 million, after a judge ruled that their bosses illegally collected their DNA. But why would your employer want to get hold of your DNA? In this case, management was trying to bust a mysterious pooper who was leaving piles of feces in the company’s warehouses. [More]


Illinois Town Posts Sign Imploring People To “Stop Pooping On Bike Path”

There are some things one might assume wouldn’t need to be clearly stated, like defecating in a public place that’s well-traveled and isn’t a toilet, especially when there are toilets conveniently nearby. But one Illinois town found it had to spell things out a bit clearer. [More]

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Cops: Teen Wiped Himself With Cash In The Bathroom, Used It To Pay Restaurant Tab

While it’s up to you how you waste your money, putting feces on your money and giving it to someone as payment is not only totally disgusting, but also could lead to a charge of “battery by bodily waste.” [More]

New Zealand Woman Claims Plane Dumped Feces On Her House

New Zealand Woman Claims Plane Dumped Feces On Her House

Years ago, I lived in an inexpensive and terrible apartment under the flight path for the local airport. It doesn’t take long to adjust to the noise, and you can admire the planes or just ignore ’em. There’s one thing that you can’t learn to tune out, though: mystery feces from above on your house and car. [More]

How Did E. Coli Get Into Nestle's Cookie Dough?

How Did E. Coli Get Into Nestle's Cookie Dough?

USA Today is reporting that the FDA is “stumped” by the presence of E. coli 0157:H7 in Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Dough, which was recalled last week. How does bacteria normally associated with raw ground beef find its way into our buckets of delicious cookie dough? Some speculation, inside.


The mice are all gone and the Pikesville Target is again open for business! [Baltimore Sun]

Rodent Infestation Forces Target To Close

Rodent Infestation Forces Target To Close

A Target in Pikesville, Maryland “has been closed until further notice because of a rodent problem,” reports WBAL Baltimore. Target officials wouldn’t tell customers why they were closed—our tipster aishel says they told him it was for maintenance, and a person interviewed by WBAL says she was told it was a “water main problem.” Target’s corporate office, however, confirmed there’s a big mouse problem. Update: The store has reopened.

Closed: Too Much Rodent Poo At This Chicago Whole Foods

Closed: Too Much Rodent Poo At This Chicago Whole Foods

Over 100 rodent droppings in one cooler alone is too many, says the Chicago Department of Public Heath… and so the Lincoln Park Whole Foods has been closed until the management can eliminate the infestation. Ick.